Coverage at local and national wide level

We have our own office in the city of Miami and agents at your service and concerns for all of us. In the same way, we have an office in Bogotá where we cover all the Colombian territory, both offices are operating nationally and internationally.

Types of services at national level

Great volume service

We have a large number of allies and representatives with messaging personnel at the national level. National, managing to deliver mass mail in any state or department, in the national territory.

Courier service

We are in the capacity to carry out not only the transport of your packages nationally and internationally, but also to store the merchandise of the clients in our offices and warehouses.

servicio de carga

Distribution capacity

Massive service: We are able to distribute the number of shipments that your company needs.

Baggage Collection and Distribution Service: We have the necessary infrastructure for the distribution and storage of all types of bags according to the time required by the customer.

Deadlines delivery

it’s classified into 4 categories, according to the delivery time to the recipient:

  • Services 1 day
  • Services 2 day
  • Services for more days
  • Express service, same-day deliveries for Bogotá-Colombia