Packages and courier packages

11 February, 2019 | Por: PPD

Service We offer services worldwide economic and adapted to each need, with delivery times according to customer requirements to different parts of the world, depending on whether you choose to land, sea or air transport.

We optimize the delivery of B2C and B2B messaging, rationalizing the shipment by the best carrier based on variables such as weight, package dimensions, volumetric weight, destination, collection point, etc.

We offer packages delivery services in different time frames for national or international package shipments. All the flow of shipments is carefully controlled by the different stages of the process, providing constant information of the shipping status. There is the possibility of placing orders and deliveries with maximum urgency nationally and internationally door to door.

There are different indicators of the quality of the messaging service, depending on what takes the average number of deliveries in hours and other variables such as the reduction of handling timing, the reduction of materials in stock, the percentage of matching references, the destruction of obsolete material, the average of orders managed in the day, the control of information flows, the analysis of behaviors in requests for articles, the flexibility in terms of delivery schedules or the measurement of global results.

We offer special treatment and conditioning for the objects that require it. It is a special courier, both in its packaging, packaging, and others as in the tracking of its traceability.