Packages Shipping

11 February, 2019 | Por:

Each day is the biggest competition in the world of packages. It is not easy to please companies that ask for a better and cheaper service every time.

PPD covers all the activities of a courier company. You as a customer can request different shipping and delivery conditions anywhere in the world. In this article, we will focus on one of our courier services, packages delivery.

We will also deal with all the processes related to the shipping services including the service mailing. In this field, logistics operations include several needs, such as the material inventory, the merchandise warehouse, the selection of the ideal transport or the reverse logistics for the recovery of returns. Logistics is going through a period of constant specialization, which leads to an increase in subcontracting and optimization of the best distribution network for each shipment, and companies can focus on their core business.

A distinctive competence, also called basic competence, essential competence, or key competence or also “Business Turnover” and known in English by Core Business or Core Competent, refers in business management, to that activity capable of generating value and that is necessary to establish a competitive advantage beneficial to the organization.

We rationalize the logistics based on the real needs of our client such as the entry of material to facilities, the type of shipment, final destination, a volumetric weight of the shipment, controlling the entire value chain of the logistics service.