What is postal mailing?

11 February, 2019 | Por: PPD

We call postal mailing to the process by which we send personalized information in a physical format to a certain target audience. This mailing can simply contain a letter or a complete package: letter, brochure, answer card, answer, stuffer, flyer, etc.


Postal delivery is a direct marketing tool with proven efficiency and profitability since it provides us with many advantages:

  • A greater personalization of the messages, based on the previous segmentation of the market and the use of the ideal databases, says, direct us directly to our target audience.
  • The sending of advertising or publicity letters eliminates the barriers of space, format or times that limit other means.
  • Obtaining measurable answers to each postal mailing.
  • A simple adaptation of the strategies and messages according to the results that are obtained.
  • They provide a good investment/results ratio.

Possibilities offered by mailing

The possibilities offered by a mailing include the following:

  • Make our company known by means of a letter of introduction and a brochure of our products or services.
  • The postal mailing allows generating cross sales of new products that are incorporated into our portfolio.
  • Direct sales by mail, with the catalog.
  • Send publications (magazines) to members of an association, federation, etc.
  • Billing: mass billing processes (gas companies, electricity companies, water associations, etc.) may incorporate micro-segmented advertising in those mailings.
  • Internal notes for our network of distributors: update of rates or guidelines that are wished to transmit from the central offices.
  • For congratulations on specific times.
  • Communicate to existing customer’s new products or services that complement our portfolio through mailings.
  • Oriented to customer satisfaction surveys. For a database update.

The most common supports:

  • Envelopes:envelopes of communications.
  • Plastic: bagging or wrapping of magazines, catalogs, and brochures.
  • Boxes: packages with various elements.